How smart can a smart machine become?

To measure the intelligence of intelligent machines has been an obsession of computer scientists since the dawn of the computer era. The pioneering genius of Alan Turing bequeathed a test based on perception. His famous “imitation game” sets up a human judge in conversation against some “thing” (or some “one”) hidden behind a wall. If... Continue Reading →

The human use of human beings

Such was the title of a book by Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics. In his book, published in 1950, Wiener pondered on the social questions and consequences of automation, at a time when the computer age was still an idea in very few people’s heads. Being an optimist he considered the mechanisation of work... Continue Reading →

Would you rather have an AI for President?

They have called it “revenge of the plebs”: masses of traditionally apathetic citizens becoming politically ignited and supporting populist politicians. The phenomenon gains traction across the western "liberal" world. In the US Donald Trump has caught the media and political elites off guard; coming from nowhere, with rhetoric that purposely deconstructs every semblance of political... Continue Reading →

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