The role of government

"With all new technology, it has the potential to either enslave us or free us. It depends on how we act. We are at a point now were we have to make a decision about what kind of society we want to have in the future and start implementing policy to get us there." It... Continue Reading →

Making a toaster

Thomas Thwaite tells the story of how he tried to build a toaster from scratch - illustrating the power of collaboration in the economy.

Rethinking capitalism

Lecture by Eric Beinhocker at UCL. Eric's propositions for a new intellectual framework for capitalism align very well with the practical solutions proposed in Cyber Republic.

The case against Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) suggests that all adults should receive the same minimum, guaranteed, income from the State irrespective of their other incomes. It is being put forward as the “solution” to the obliteration of jobs due to robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In a future, when work will be intermittent or absent, UBI... Continue Reading →

5 things AI can do better than humans

Artificial Intelligence is constantly pushing the boundaries of what machines are capable of. But could machines ever become better than us? The answer is of course ‘yes’, at least in many things where our intellect used to be the unchallenged champion of creativity and intelligence. Here are 5 tough intellectual areas where AI is already... Continue Reading →

The automation paradox

Ever since textile workers in 19th century Britain attacked the machines that eliminated their jobs technological disruption is met by society with suspicion and ambivalence. As the era of machine intelligence and human-like robots dawns economists scramble to determine the benefits and costs of the “second machine age”. Steam delivered the automation of manual labour;... Continue Reading →

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